Justin Moore digs into his musical origin story in a new episode of The Justin Moore Podcast, featuring a conversation with the singer’s longtime manager, Pete Hartung.

As it turns out, Pete had a huge hand in Justin’s decision to move to Nashville and pursue a career in country music. Pete says on the podcast that he knew within 20 seconds of hearing Justin sing that he wanted to work with the then-newcomer, even though Justin’s Southern drawl made it difficult for Pete to understand him in conversation.

The pair also shared some little-known details about Justin’s early years in country music, revealing that the first-ever band Justin put together featured guitarist John Osborne, before John found stardom in his own right as one half of duo Brothers Osborne.

“He was actually my first guitar player in Nashville. I believe he was in another band at the time, but he was also playing side guitar for me and spot dates that I’d go do,” Justin says. “We’ve been great friends ever since then, and I’m really happy for their success, obviously. I know [him] and his and brother well. [Their success] is long overdue.”

Elsewhere in the episode, the singer’s family makes an appearance for a game of Truth or Dare. New episode of The Justin Moore Podcast, which launched in May, air on Tuesdays.

Justin’s current single, “Why We Drink,” is currently a top-20 hit.

By Carena Liptak
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