Keith Urban is back with new music this week. On Friday, he dropped his newest song, “Brown Eyes Baby,” a mid-tempo burner that follows a girl who’s still hurting from a breakup, but just might be able to patch up her heartbreak with a little help from someone new.

“I can put the sun right back in your sunshine / Bring a little love into your late night / Ain’t gotta be nothin’ but one more drink and maybe / I can take the blue out of your brown eyes, baby,” Keith sings in the song’s chorus.

The song’s subject matter has some common DNA with one of Keith’s previous hits, “Blue Ain’t Your Color,” but its melody features a smooth, sway-a-long groove that’s a perfect fit for a live show. Keith’s already been trying it out at some of the stops on his The Speed of Now Tour, and now that it’s officially out, the singer says he can’t wait to keep performing it live.

“We’ll be bringing this one to life every single night with all of YOU out on tour!” the singer said on social media when he announced his song’s release.

“Brown Eyes Baby” is Keith’s new single. It doesn’t appear on the track list of his latest album, The Speed of Now Part I, meaning that a new batch of music just might be on the way.

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