When Little Big Town‘s Jimi Westbrook and Phillip Sweet got into the room with Tyler Hubbard and Corey Crowder to write “Hell Yeah,” they knew they had something special on their hands. 

Corey had been ruminating on the title for a while, but couldn’t find the lyrics to complete the song. But when he presented the hook that transitions from “hell yeah, I go get drunk on Friday nights” to “but if you’re ever wondering baby if I’m still going through hell, yeah,” the group took off running with the concept. 

“I think that’s the magic of that hook because when you see that, you’re like, ‘I know what this is. This is a ‘hell yeah,"” Jimi says. “[Corey] sang an idea for the chorus and everybody lit up. It was like, ‘I have not heard that before. That’s a different twist on that,’ and that’s what you’re looking for,” he continues. “In songs, that can be really elusive to find that angle on something that you haven’t thought of before. So we loved it from the start.” 

“Hell Yeah” is the lead single off LBT’s new album, Mr. Sun, set for release Friday. 

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