The moment she heard “Never Say Never,” Lainey Wilson knew she had to be part of the song with Cole Swindell

The Louisiana native was on vacation in Mexico when Cole sent her a demo of the track that is now the #1 song in country music, and she had a gut instinct that it was one she needed to be a part of, comparing it to the feeling she had about her breakthrough hit.

“When I listen to the first verse and chorus, I knew immediately that the song was special. It gave me those same feelings that I had when I wrote ‘Things a Man Oughta Know’ or when we were in the studio recording it, even though it’s a completely different kind of song,” she explains. 

Though she’s no stranger to the top of the charts, Lainey admits that selecting a follow-up single is challenging, but she’s grateful to Cole for being a mentor to her and helping to elevate her career. 

“A lot of people say it’s hard going to radio with your first one, but it’s even harder going to radio with your second one. I felt like this was a really good opportunity for me to get my name out there again, and especially with somebody who has had a lot of radio success,” she shares. “Seeing him put me under his wing and stuff I think that also lets his fans know that he supports me and maybe they should support me, and it’s been this awesome thing.” 

“Never” is Lainey’s second #1 hit and Cole’s 11th. It’s featured on his new album, Stereotype.

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