Old Dominion are closing out their Time, Tequila & Therapy album with the bittersweet “No Hard Feelings,” which they selected as their next single because it’s a perfect blend of sadness and optimism.

“It’s a serious song, but it does have a little bit of an uplifting quality to it,” explains the group’s Matthew Ramsey. “It sort of has the underlying message of the entire album wrapped up in one song.”

A grown-up take on heartbreak, “No Hard Feelings” describes the best-case scenario of a breakup. “You hope to get to that point in a relationship — if it happens to end, you would hope to get to that point where you can look at this person and say, ‘I am truly happy for you, I care for you and I’m truly happy that you have found what you want,"” Matthew details.

It’s also a fitting song for where the band is at musically, as they bid a fond farewell to their Time, Tequila & Therapy album. Old Dominion aren’t planning to release a deluxe version of the record, and although they’re sad to close that chapter, they’re excited to begin the next.

“It’s extended as far as it can be extended,” says the band’s Brad Tursi.

Matthew then chimes in, hinting that a new album lies in store.

“We went to Key West for a little while and recorded some new music down there,” he says.  “I think we are just on to whatever the next one is.”

In the meantime, Old Dominion are spending this summer on the road, joining the bill of Kenny Chesney‘s Here and Now Tour.

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