There’s many reasons Old Dominion is looking forward to hitting the road with Kenny Chesney, one of which being able to watch the crowd’s reaction when they perform “I Was on a Boat That Day.” 

The single peaked inside the top 10 on the country charts in 2021, and has since become a crowd pleaser at their live show. Knowing how passionately their fans sing it, the band can’t wait to hear Kenny’s fervent audience add their voices to it.

“I can’t wait to see that song in that environment,” frontman Matthew Ramsey says of the song that was “made for” a stadium-sized show. “As soon as I count that song off, everyone knows immediately what it is. The hands go up, it’s awesome. There’s something about the groove too that makes you want to dance doesn’t really matter what it says. It’s just fun.” “It’s always fun to see a crowd light up when it starts. In our heads we’re so used to chasing that chart number, and then you’re like, ‘they’re into it,"” adds bandmate Geoff Sprung.

And the band is just as excited to reunite with the headliner himself, as they’ve toured with Kenny multiple times to the point where they refer to his crew as “family.”   

“That’s the dream gig to go on tour with him. Everybody wants to experience that and should be so lucky to experience it once, and this happens to be our fourth time,” Matt expresses. “We’re good friends at this point with him and his whole crew, and we love it so much. It’s a family reunion at this point, so we’re so happy to go back out there with Kenny.” 

The Here and Now Tour kicks off on April 23 at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL. 

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