As they prepare to co-host the CMA Awards, Luke Bryan and Peyton Manning are looking back on their fondest memories of each other. 

Luke recalls a time when Peyton came to his show at Mile High Stadium in Denver, along with former Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos teammate Brandon Stokley, and the two were horsing around backstage as if they were on the football field. 

“Brandon Stokley and him, who played together for years, got a football backstage in the locker room, and Peyton would just beam Stokley in the head with it when he wasn’t looking,” Luke describes of the “great memory.” “It was fun to see those two torture each other.” 

As for Peyton, he’s reminiscing on a moment with Luke that involved a golf course and a pair of tight pants. The former quarterback says years ago he and Luke met up to play golf in Indianapolis and he had to help Luke out with a fashion emergency.  

“A lot of golf courses, sometimes you’ll show up in shorts and they’ll say, ‘You have to wear long pants.’ But this was different because you can wear shorts at this golf club. But Luke showed up in pants, but they were very tight pants,” Peyton explains. “I’m like, ‘Luke, you can’t wear those tight pants here.’ So we just cut them off and they turned into very tight shorts.” 

The friends will co-host the CMA Awards live in Nashville on November 9 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. 

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