Six years ago this week, in 2016, Tim McGraw was at the top of the country charts with his fan-favorite ballad “Humble and Kind.”

Penned by in-demand songwriter Lori McKenna, the song is a message to a younger person about the most important things in life: first and foremost, to be “humble and kind” in every situation.

Now, Tim says that his song’s message is more relevant than ever. “To me, the message of that song and the scope of that song grows exponentially every day in the world that we live in now,” he says in an interview with his record label.

Tim says when he recorded it he was thinking about his three adult daughters, who were then on the cusp of leaving home and going out to start their own lives. But as he saw the fan response, the meaning behind the song grew even more expansive.

“And then it turned into this worldview of how the world needs to look at each other, and how people in general need to look at each other differently than they look at each other now,” Tim continues.

“We all could use a little grace, and look at each other with a little humility and a little kindness.”

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