We’re nearly three weeks out from Christmas and the reviews are in at Jordan Davis‘ house. 

There’s one toy that’s risen head and shoulders above the rest for his kids, 3-year-old Eloise and 1-year-old Locklan

“The number one present from Santa this year was bumper cars,” Jordan reveals. “Like, we literally have these two bumper cars that Eloise and Lock like.”

“So Lock can only go backwards,” he explains. “He hasn’t quite figured out how to go forward. So what ends up happening is he locks himself in a corner and Eloise just berates him, just backs up, hammers him, just back and forth, just smoking him.”

Luckily, even that works out just fine.

“It’s awesome cause he thinks it’s hilarious,” Jordan smiles. “Like, he doesn’t quite get the [urge to] retaliate.”

“That’s the present this year that I wish I would have [gotten when I was a kid],” he reflects. “I wish they had those when me and Jacob were growing up, but we woulda killed ourselves.”

Jordan’s brother Jacob is one of the co-writers on his smash hit “Buy Dirt,” which is included on his Bluebird Days album, coming out February 17.

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