Maybe Thomas Rhett is just a trendsetter: In 2019, when he wrote his song “Bring the Bar to You,” he was feeling inspired by Latin music, but he had no idea that the Disney film Encanto was two years away from taking the world by storm.

Now, with “Bring the Bar to You” on the track list of his new album — and the namesake of his next tour — TR jokes that his song sounds quite a bit like one of the Encanto soundtrack’s most popular hits.

“And now that this song is coming out when ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ is out at the same time, makes me feel really good about life,” he continues. “Because we have been watching Encanto severely. And this song reminds me of that song.”

Meanwhile, there’s another unintentionally timely element to “Bring the Bar to You”: He wrote it before the COVID-19 pandemic, but in light of the 2020 shutdowns, its themes of making your own fun instead of heading out to a bar are more relatable than ever.

TR and his wife, Lauren Akins, have certainly learned a thing or two about making a party for themselves at home. “Me and Lauren got real good at bringing the bar to each other during 2020. I don’t think we saw a bar for a year and a half,” he remembers.

“So we got really good at getting creative with date night,” Thomas adds, “whether it was cooking together, watching a movie downstairs, opening a bottle of wine, whatever it was.”

But it’s also a “party jam,” he points out, making it the perfect namesake for his tour. TR’s Bring the Bar to You Tour kicks off on Friday.

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