Thomas Rhett’s next album, Where We Started, comes out April 1 — but that fact was news to his wife.

In a new clip on TikTok, TR laughs behind the camera as his wife Lauren, who’s painting her toenails, reacts in shock as she learns he has a new album on the way. “Such a great supporter of my career,” he comments, posting an emoji of a laughing face.

In Lauren’s defense, Thomas’ album release strategy for 2022 is a tad confusing. Last year, he put out Country Again: Side A, and he’ll put out Side B of that project in the fall. But in between, he’s putting out another album, Where We Started — and that’s where Lauren got tripped up.

“I knew you had Side A and Side B because that made sense,” she reasons. “When you said you’d come out with this middle one, it was shocking to me.”

As her husband continues to giggle, Lauren turns and points to the camera. “My life revolves around your children,” she laughingly retorts.

Lauren can be forgiven for being a little too busy to keep up with every detail of her country star husband’s career. The couple are parents to four kids, the youngest of which, Lillie Carolina, is three months old.


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