Tyler Hubbard is letting go of life’s worries in his new song, “35’s.” 

The lyrics find the hit singer admitting that he’s a guy who’s “always grinding” and “guilty of going too fast,” with an unwavering desire to win. But he wants to let go of his fast-paced way of life for a moment and slow down, taking to his truck and the open road to unwind. 

“Sometimes I gotta slow down/Catch a roll down some red-rock road/Let it all sink in like these 35’s/Make some time to kill/Kick it back and chill/Do a little more livin’ than gettin’ by,” he sings in the guitar-heavy chorus.

“It’s a song that makes me wanna put the pedal to the metal, but it’s really about slowing down and living life at a slower pace, being present, and in the moment,” Tyler describes of the track he co-wrote a couple years ago with Jordan Schmidt and Michael Tyler. “It’s become an anthem in my home that I never get tired of. This one’s gonna be fun to play live. Turn this one up.” 

“35’s” will be featured on Tyler’s upcoming solo studio album. His debut single, “5 Foot 9,” is climbing up the top 30 on country radio. 

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