Bono is lending his talent to a new animated short film based on the Sergei Prokofiev classic symphony Peter & The Wolf.

Deadline reports the project, which has been given the go-ahead by Max and Cartoon Network, will turn the story into a contemporary tale, with artwork inspired by Bono’s original illustrations, and music and narration by composer Gavin Friday. It is based on a 2003 project by the pair, which they did for the Irish Hospice Foundation. 

The story follows a 12-year-old Peter, who is dealing with the loss of a parent. He heads into the forest to search for a reported wolf on the loose and comes across creatures who help him on the search, as well as hunters trying to capture the wolf for a prize. 

“The messaging of vigilance, bravery, and resilience that were core to the original symphony are still echoed throughout our interpretation, but we spin a traditional fairy tale into a unique adaptation that also incorporates the topic of loss, redemption, and recovery,” Friday and Bono said. “It’s our hope that this Peter & the Wolf becomes a balm for any child dealing with loss, alongside exposing and captivating them into the wonderful and musical world of Prokofiev.”

Peter & The Wolf is expected to premiere later this year.

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