Dee Snider has just released a new concert video/album package titled For the Love of Metal Live that features performances from various 2019 festival appearances the ex-Twisted Sister frontman made in the U.S., Europe and Australia.

As Snider explains to ABC Audio, the live performances were edited together in a very unique way.

“[I]t cuts from country to country, day to night, rain to sun, in one line of the song,” he notes. “It bounces all over the place. And the idea I had was to just show how universal metal is around the world.”

On the tour, Snider showcased songs from his latest studio album, 2018’s For the Love of Metal, as well as several Twisted Sister classics. The new album, which was produced by Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta, finds Dee embracing a heavier, thrash-metal sound.

Snider points out that his young backing band also applied the new sound to the Twisted Sister material, and he says he feels his current music now appeals to a wider range of metal fans.

“[T]he Twisted stuff on the live album, particularly the older songs…which were very metal songs to begin with, with the new attack, they’re even more metallic,” Dee says. “And…young and old, the audience is liking it.”

For the Love of Metal Live also includes one bonus studio track that Snider co-wrote, “Prove Me Wrong.”

“It very much fits right in the pocket of what we’re doing,” Dee says of the song. “And it’s a message to people that says, ‘This is…who I am now’…This is what you can expect to hear from me moving forward.”

The video portion of For the Love of Metal Live also features behind-the-scenes footage, interview clips and personal commentary.

By Matt Friedlander
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