Bon Jovi is currently on their long-delayed tour in support of their album 2020, but let’s hope Jon Bon Jovi’s got an easy way to eat his meals on the road. He admits that while he was away from home during the pandemic, his kids had to order him food on Grubhub so he wouldn’t “starve.”

Speaking to the Indianapolis Star, Jon explains that when he decided to write some last-minute songs for the 2020 album, he chartered a plane and flew from New Jersey to LA.  There, he recorded the additional tracks in a private studio, and stayed in an empty hotel where normal amenities like cleaning and room service had been suspended due to COVID-19.

“I called down to the front desk, and I said, ‘What are you supposed to do about any kind of food?"” Jon recalls. “And they said, ‘Most people call Grubhub, and they’ll deliver food to your door.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah…Grubhub,’ and thinking to myself, ‘I don’t know what that means. I’m going to starve."”

He laughs, “I had to call one of my kids, who from 3,000 miles away ordered me a burger and had it delivered to my room!”

Now, after two-and-a-half years, the band’s finally back on the road. But Jon admits that, had there been any further delays, “I honest to God may have considered not doing it.”

“Three and a half years is enough time to think, ‘You know, ‘I’m over it,"” he explains. “But it would be a sin. We’ve worked hard, and we want to share 2020 the album, and I want to go out there and celebrate [our] 40th [anniversary in 2023] and the continued success that we’ve had.”

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