Joice Figueiró has had an eventful week. After giving birth to a baby boy during a Metallica concert in Brazil last weekend, she got a phone call from James Hetfield.

In an Instagram Story posted by Joice, which was shared by the Brazilian publication Bem Paraná, you can hear the legendary metal outfit’s frontman on the phone sharing his well-wishes.

“Congratulations, you guys!” a laughing Hetfiled tells Joice and her husband, Jaime.

Joice attended Metallica’s show in Curitiba, Brazil, this past Saturday, at 39 weeks pregnant, and was seated in the accessible area. Towards the end of the concert, she started feeling contractions. She was taken to the venue’s medical tent, where she gave birth to Luan Figueiró as Metallica closed their set with “Enter Sandman.”

Metallica posted about Joice’s experience in their Instagram Story, and soon Joice made news as the mother to the most metal baby of all.

“I joked that his name would be James Ulrich [after Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich],” Joice told The Washington Post. “But really, since this name question has brought up great appeal and we haven’t registered him, we’re thinking of maybe adding a [middle] name and putting some homage in there.”

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