Months after introducing KISS Cold Gin as part of their “Drink It Up by KISS” line of alcoholic spirits, KISS has launched their latest liquor offering — KISS Cold Gin Navy Strength.

The new drink arrives just in time for the start of the 11th annual The KISS Kruise, which gets underway this Monday, October 24.

KISS Cold Gin Navy Strength is 57% alcohol, 17% stronger than the original KISS Cold Gin. The term “navy strength” dates back to the 18th century, when the British Navy used to store the liquor carried on its ships next to gunpowder. Making the gin at least 57% alcohol would ensure that if it spilled on the gunpowder, the explosive would still be usable.

KISS Cold Gin Navy Strength features a base that includes juniper, lemon peel and a variety of fine spices.

The liquor comes in a bottle with a label that celebrates KISS’ history. It features illustrations of the band’s four members positioned on either side of the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as other New York City landmarks, and the KISS logo in front of a vinyl disc.

KISS Cold Gin Navy Strength is the fifth liquor from the Drink It Up brand to be released in the U.S. following KISS Cold Gin and last year’s launch of the of KISS Rum Kollection, which includes KISS Black Diamond Premium Dark Rum, KISS Detroit Rock Premium Dark Rum and the limited-edition Monstrum Ultra Premium Dark Rum.

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