While The Osbournes Podcast is up and running again, don’t hold your breath for a reboot of The Osbournes reality TV show.

During the latest episode of said podcast, Ozzy Osbourne dismissed the idea of an Osbournes reboot.

“It won’t happen again,” Ozzy declares. “Never in a million years.”

The Osbournes originally aired on MTV from 2002 to 2005 and focused on Ozzy’s home life with wife Sharon and kids Jack and Kelly. In reflecting on the show, Ozzy says that he feels The Osbournes was a good diary of the family’s life at the time, though he found the experience to be “intrusive.”

Though The Osbournes may never be coming back, it was announced in 2022 that Ozzy and Sharon would be starring in an upcoming BBC reality series called Home to Roost.

Meanwhile, The Osbournes Podcast returned in September after a five-year hiatus.

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