Ringo Starr wants to help folks celebrate their special day. The Beatles legend is on a new song, “Happy Birthday Beautiful,” written by award-winning songwriter Diane Warren and featuring vocals by Pentatonix.

Ringo plays drums on the track, which will be featured on a new American Greetings collection of birthday e-cards. The cards will be available starting Saturday, September 9, and includes options for people turning a year older that day; according to 20 years of real birth data, September 9 is the day more people are born than any other day of the year.

“I wanted to write a song that breathed new life into the classic birthday songs we know and love,” says Warren, who celebrated her 67th birthday on September 7. “Collaborating with such talented artists as Ringo Starr and Pentatonix, as well as the designers at American Greetings, allowed us to blend musical and design elements together to add new excitement to birthday celebrations.”

Ringo adds, “I was happy to play drums on this song when my friend Diane asked, and I think it’s great it is coming out around the time of her birthday – Happy Birthday beautiful! Peace and love, Ringo.”

You can now listen to “Happy Birthday Beautiful” via digital outlets and on YouTube. The e-cards will be available on americangreetings.com and bluemountain.com.

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