If you’re a Metallica fan who’s always wanted to be in the Snake Pit for a show, then this new video may have you yelling at your screen.

In an Instagram post, the metal legends have shared footage of someone from their team walking around the stadium during a recent show offering fans free tickets to the Snake Pit, an exclusive section right next to the stage. However, their mission proved slightly more difficult than expected, as many fans walked right by without realizing what they were saying no to.

“Didn’t think we needed to say this, but if someone approaches you with Snake Pit passes … take them!” Metallica writes in the caption.

Some of the fans did indeed take that advice, though they often took a lot of convincing that the tickets were actually legit. Prepare to hear the phrase “No way!” a lot.

Metallica’s current M72 tour, which supports their new album, 72 Seasons, kicked off in the U.S. earlier in August. It continues Friday, September 1, in Phoenix.

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