(CHICAGO) — Chicago’s top prosecutor announced Wednesday that her office completed its Cannabis Expungement Project with over 15,000 cannabis convictions removed from the record.

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx said that her office has complied with Illinois’ new cannabis rules that took effect two years ago after the substance was legalized.

Foxx said in a statement that the expunges have brought relief to thousands of people.

“Felony charges can affect every aspect of a person’s life, from jobs to housing, long after the debt to society has been paid,” she said in a statement.

Foxx filed her first 100 motions to vacate cannabis related offenses in December 2019 and has presented more motions since.

On Friday, she will present 214 additional cannabis expungement requests, bringing the total to 15,191, according to her office.

There are 588 remaining cannabis cases in the system that date back as far as 1965, however, the state attorney’s office said it will require additional time for research and data to expunge those records.


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