(ATLANTA) — A Georgia grand jury indicted the three men arrested and charged in connection with the alleged murder of Ahmaud Arbery.

Cobb District Attorney Joyette M. Holmes announced on Wednesday that a grand jury voted to indict Gregory and Travis McMichael along with William Bryan for the felony murder and aggravated assault that resulted in Arbery death.

The indictment comes almost four months to the day Arbery was shot while on on his daily jog.

Holmes said the grand jury decision did not take long.

“The presentation took an hour and a half and the true bill came back in 10 minutes,” Holmes said during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

They each face nine charges, including malice murder and felony murder.

On Feb. 23, Gregory McMichael spotted Arbery and assumed he was the person who committed “several break-ins” in their Satilla Shores neighborhood, according to a police report.

Gregory McMichael, a retired investigator with the Brunswick District Attorney’s Office who previously served as a Glynn County police officer, alerted his son and both grabbed their guns — a shotgun and .357 magnum, respectively — and jumped into a white pick-up truck.

Bryan was called and he recorded the chase after Arbery.

The cellphone video showed Arbery getting ambushed by the McMichaels.

Travis McMichael, armed with a shotgun, tussled with Arbery and fired three gunshots. Arbery was hit in his chest and died on the pavement.

The video leaked onto social media on May 5, igniting outrage and leading to the three arrests.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations led the investigation and within 36 hours arrested the McMichaels. Bryan was taken into custody on May 21.

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