(NEW YORK) — More record heat will continue in the South and some of that heat will begin to spread north and east into the Midwest and the Northeast by the end of the week.

Some temperature records from Tuesday include San Antonio, Texas, which reached a high of 105, Midland, Texas, with 111, Borger, Texas ended up hitting 112, and even in very humid Miami it peaked at 97 degress.

The 97 degree temperature in Miami was the fifth time Miami reached that temperature this year which has never happened in a single year before. The previous record was a total of four days of 97 degree weather or more.

Wednesday morning, seven states are under Heat Advisory from New Mexico to Tennessee and the combination of high temps and high humidity will make it feel like its 105 to 115 in some areas.

The big story is that some of this heat will move into the Midwest and the Northeast by the end of the week and into the weekend.

With temperatures in the 90s and rising humidity, it will feel like its near 100 degrees in Chicago, Detroit and Washington, D.C. Even New York City will feel like it’s in the mid 90s by Saturday.

A cold front is expected to move through the Midwest bringing a threat for tornadoes and damaging winds for major cities like St. Louis.

In the West, more than 50 wildfires burning from California to Nebraska.

The Mineral Fire in Fresno County, California, has now burned 7,900 acres and is near 0% contained.

The Elephant Butte Fire in Colorado is now more than 1,000 acres and is 25% contained with evacuations lifted.

The Veyo West Fire is up to 1,100 acres and is 0% contained.

Gusty afternoon thunderstorms in the West will bring erratic winds to the area but, at the moment, all Red Flag Warnings have been lifted.

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