(NEW YORK) — The latest on Laura as of 5 a.m. Tuesday is that the storm is now forecast to make landfall as a major hurricane with winds of up to 115 mph in eastern Texas, thereby making it a Category 3 hurricane.

The Hurricane Watch is currently for the areas just outside of Houston but this could change as we go through time as the path possibly shifting even more west.

Laura is now moving through very warm water in the Gulf of Mexico which is a favorable atmospheric environment for strengthening.

Laura is forecast to become a hurricane either later Tuesday morning or early Tuesday afternoon.

Landfall is expected to occur on late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning.

The European model is showing a track that is even further west making Houston the bullseye of the storm if this proves to be correct.

Other models show the storm shift to the west and have the storm making landfall in Texas.

The predicted Category 3 hurricane is bringing with it many threats including a possible storm surge up to 11 feet from Louisiana to eastern Texas and winds gusting over 100 mph with rainfall forecast to be more than a foot for eastern Louisiana.

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