(NEW YORK) — Hundreds of fires continue to burn in the western U.S. Thursday morning, from Texas to Alaska, but widespread windy weather is ending for the West.

However, there are a few spots worth monitoring as red flag warnings have been issued for parts Washington, Oregon and California.

Winds could gust up to 20 to 35 mph, and this will be enough to spread already destructive wildfires.

The smoke from the wildfires has led to air quality alerts in those states as well.

Along the East Coast, a flash flood threat is possible for Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and just south of New York City.

The rain and flood threat is due to a tropical wave near the East Coast that is pushing all the Atlantic moisture into the I-95 corridor Thursday.

Already, more than a half a foot of rain has fallen in southern Virginia.

Locally, some areas could see more than 3 inches of rain in a short period of time, which could cause flash flooding D.C. to New York.

There are also multiple tropical systems in the Atlantic, but most of them are not a threat to U.S. in the next day or so. However, over the weekend and early next week there is a chance that tropical systems reach near the U.S.

A system near Florida could move into the Gulf over the weekend and could possibly develop into a tropical cyclone. The chance is low at the moment — only 20%.

There is also a threat for Bermuda, where Tropical Storm Paulette could become hurricane by early next week and slam into Bermuda.

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