(NEW YORK) — The threat of severe weather is continuing after nearly a week of strong systems wreaking havoc on much of the country.

The North is bracing for another round of winter weather in the middle of spring after receiving several feet of snow last week.

Blizzard conditions with up to 3 feet of snow is expected in North Dakota, where temperatures reached as low as zero degrees on Saturday. Blowing snow will also be an issue in the northern plains and upper Midwest, as wind advisories are in effect for much of North and South Dakota.

That storm will move into the Great Lakes and into the Northeast on Monday and Tuesday, delivering snow to the Appalachians and upstate New York and rain in the major cities.

A cold front is sweeping through the North through Tuesday, with Chicago topping out around 40 degrees and New York in the 50s on Sunday. Unseasonably low temperatures are expected to continue into Monday.

Severe thunderstorms are expected to flare up in the South on Sunday afternoon, with large hail and damaging winds likely across states such as Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and even as far east as the Florida panhandle. Isolated tornadoes are possible as well but are not expected to be as abundant as they were last week.

Problematic weather occurred all over the country at the start of the weekend as well.

In Baltimore, hail interrupted the Yankees vs. Orioles game at Camden Yards on Saturday afternoon, and late-season snow blanketed California’s Sierra Nevada mountains.

Damage from large hail was reported in northeastern Arkansas on Friday night after thunderstorms rolled through Arkansas to southwestern Alabama.

Conditions ripe for the formation of tornadoes has persisted since last month, which broke the record for the most tornadoes to ever occur in the U.S. in March.

At least three people died last week as a result of a tornado in Arkansas and the McBride Fire in New Mexico.

The severe weather threat is expected to subside early next week with no organized threat forecast for Monday.

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