(WILMINGTON, Del.) — Three Wilmington police officers were shot while responding to a call in Delaware’s largest city on Wednesday night, authorities said.

The shooting occurred on North Market Street in Wilmington’s Brandywine village neighborhood. The injured officers were transported to a local hospital in stable condition, according to a press release from the Wilmington Police Department.

Additional details were not immediately available.

There was a massive police presence in the area surrounding the incident overnight and into Thursday morning as various law enforcement agencies responded to the scene. Several city blocks were shut down as dozens of officers stood guard with their guns drawn.

Authorities have asked people in the area to shelter in place and await further instructions.

“This remains an active and ongoing investigation,” the Wilmington Police Department said in a statement early Thursday.

Their attention seemed to be focused on an apartment building amid what appeared to be an ongoing standoff with the suspected shooter. Several officers were seen entering and exiting the building Thursday morning.

At one point, authorities were seen using a fire truck ladder to enter the building through a window. Minutes later, a woman and a small child were seen exiting the window and coming down the ladder with the help of authorities. Their connection to the shooting was unknown. It was also unclear whether anyone else was inside the building or if any arrests had been made.

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