(CARTER COUNTY, Okla.) — Disturbing video of a 28-year-old Oklahoma man, who died shortly after he was shot with a stun gun more than 50 times by two police officers and placed in a chokehold by another, was released on Tuesday by an attorney for the victim’s family.

Jared Lakey died two days after he was arrested July 4, 2019, allegedly for running down the street while yelling.

An inquiry lead by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation found that when Lakey did not comply with the commands of Wilson police officers Joshua Taylor and Brandon Dingman, they both used police-issued stun guns until a backup officer with the Carter County Sheriff’s Office arrived to assist.

A 50-minute video was edited down to 10 minutes before its release due to the sensitivity of the incident, according to attorney Steven Terrill.

The footage begins with a 911 call from an unidentified person, who provided a vague description of the suspect.

Taylor, whom Terrill said was the acting chief of police at the time of this incident, was the first to arrive on scene, but his body camera was turned off. When Dingman showed up, both body cameras were activated, according to Terrill.

Dingman’s dash camera showed Taylor in a steady stance with what appeared to be his stun gun drawn while standing over Lakey, already on the ground.

“Put your hands behind your back for me,” Dingman said three times to Lakey.

“Non-compliance is gonna get you Tased,” added Taylor.

The crackling of the electric shocks from the stun gun are heard piercing Lakey’s body as he grunts in pain.

Throughout the video, Lakey, who was nude for unknown reasons, is heard repeatedly screaming for the officers to stop, and for help, as he writhed on the ground.

“Jared’s toxicology screen from the medical examiner came back clear of any illicit drugs,” said Terrill, who filed a civil lawsuit against the city of Wilson. An attorney for the city said Tuesday evening it had not yet been served with a suit.

According to the video, Lakey appears to be shocked by two stun guns simultaneously.

“Axon/Taser warns against simultaneous exposure and cumulative exposure exceeding 15 seconds,” Terrill said. “Jared was Tased for approximately four minutes of cumulative exposure.”

Terrill said Lakey was shocked 53 total times by Taylor and Dingman and placed in a chokehold by an unidentified backup officer for 40 seconds.

Lakey stopped breathing, became unresponsive, began breathing again and was taken to the hospital, according to the OSBI.

“No officers initiated any life-sustaining measures for over 3 1/2 minutes after determining he wasn’t breathing,” Terrill said.

The state’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner determined Lakey’s death was due to complications of a heart attack “and law enforcement use of electrical weapon and restraint,” the Daily Ardmoreite reported.

After finishing its investigation, the OSBI turned over a report to the Carter County District Attorney’s Office, which charged Taylor and Dingman with second-degree murder. The unidentified officer was not charged.

Both officers reportedly have been placed on administrative leave and posted $250,000 bond.

Ryan Hunnicutt, the attorney for Dingman and Taylor, could not be reached for comment by ABC News on Tuesday evening.

But in a statement to The New York Times on July 3, he said: “The death of Mr. Lakey saddens us all. We are confident that the legal system will provide an opportunity for all the facts to be known and look forward to our day in court.”

The next court date for Dingman and Taylor is Aug. 27.

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