(NEW YORK) — A white woman and her husband have been charged with assault after she was seen pointing a gun at a Black mother and her teenage daughter in a now-viral video.

Michigan authorities discussed the altercation during a press conference on Thursday, where they explained that the conflict started after an alleged bumping incident at a Chipotle restaurant in Orion Township.

“Two very different stories from two different groups. Both sides claiming they feel extremely threatened,” Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said.

The video, posted on Facebook by Takela Hill on Wednesday, shows an interaction during which Hill claims Jillian Wuestenberg, 32, had just bumped into her 15-year-old daughter.

Wuestenberg claimed she was being blocked from entering her car before her husband, Eric Wuestenberg, 42, was seen on video helping usher her into the vehicle.

The couple and Hill argued and exchanged racial accusations before Hill appeared to move behind the couple’s vehicle.

Hill says the couple tried hitting her as they reversed out of their parking spot, according to authorities. Jillian Wuestenberg accuses Hill of striking her car. Bouchard said officers saw an open handprint on the car.

Jillian Wuestenberg then exited the car and brandished a gun, pointing it at Hill several times.

Bouchard said the deputies who arrived on the scene did their job to keep everyone safe.

“They stabilized the scene, initially handcuffing the woman, taking the weapons into custody and then beginning an investigation,” he said.

Bouchard also said he “ordered all necessary resources” to help gather all the information that could help them “investigate the totality of circumstances with all the facts.”

“For example, were there other witnesses? Were there other cameras on other buildings, viewpoints or angles that could give us other angles and corroborate either side’s story?” he said. “Unlike the internet, we have to gather all the facts and not just have snippets. So, this is what’s been gathered so far.”

Bouchard said they listened to the 911 call and corroborated the timeline with responding deputies as well as witness accounts.

If Wuestenberg and her husband are convicted of felony assault, they could face up to four years in jail.

Responding to the incident, Oakland County executive Dave Coulter said, “I am deeply disturbed by an incident last night where a woman pointed a cocked gun at another woman during an argument. This behavior is unacceptable. I wholly expect the prosecutor to bring charges that reflect the severity of the incident.”

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