(WASHINGTON) — As the heated race for the White House enters the home stretch, former Vice President Joe Biden and Democrats are vastly outspending President Donald Trump and Republicans on television and radio ad spending — by more than $85 million in the final three weeks.

From this week through Nov. 3, Biden, the Democratic Party and various pro-Biden outside groups have booked a total of $177.6 million worth of television and radio ad time, while Trump, the Republican Party and various pro-Trump outside groups have just $92.2 million on television and radio ad time, according to an analysis of ad spending data by media research firm Kantar/CMAG.

The ever-widening spending gap comes as Biden’s fundraising advantage over Trump becomes increasingly apparent. In the past few months, the Democratic presidential challenger has repeatedly outraised Trump, boasting a massive $140 million lead in cash on hand just last month, while the president’s campaign has been seen making frequent cutbacks on campaign and ad spending.

But while the Biden campaign itself is spending more than the Trump campaign, pro-Biden outside groups are the ones driving the drastic gap in the ad war between the two presidential candidates.

In the final three weeks of the presidential election, the Biden campaign and Democratic National Committee have booked $75 million on airtime, while Trump and the Republican Party have about $65 million.

Outside of the campaigns and the parties, pro-Biden efforts have a whopping $102 million booked in the final few weeks, with much of that coming from a relatively new liberal super PAC Future Forward PAC, as well as major liberal groups Priorities USA and the Michael Bloomberg-backed Independence USA.

In contrast, pro-Trump outside efforts, headed by America First Action, a super PAC endorsed by the president, and Preserve America, a new super PAC backed by major GOP donors, only have $27 million booked on television and radio time in the final three weeks.

Florida, which is expected to be one of the key battle ground states in November, is the biggest target from both the Biden side and the Trump side, with $42 million and $27 million worth of ad blitz booked, respectively, until Election Day.

Other key states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and North Carolina are also among top investments from the both sides. Biden and Democrats are also making big investments in Arizona and Nevada, while Trump and Republicans are spending a relatively larger amount in Ohio.

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