(WASHINGTON) — Taxpayers will front the majority of first lady Dr. Jill Biden’s travel between Paris, France, and Wilmington, Delaware, last week when she broke away early after D-Day commemorations to attend Hunter Biden’s trial, only to return to Paris a day later.

When officials travel, they fly on military planes, which are paid for by the government. But for personal, unofficial travel, they must reimburse the government for “the full coach fare for all flights,” according to U.S. Code.

According to the National Taxpayers Union Foundation, the cost of the one-way trip from the airport in Paris to the airport in Wilmington, Delaware, is about $111,500, based on an eight-hour flight and the Air Force’s hourly reimbursement rate charged to other federal agencies for use of a Boeing C-32 (the type of plane Dr. Biden usually flies in, for security reasons). Dr. Biden made a round trip from Paris to Wilmington for an estimated $223,000.

The Air Force lists the reimbursable rate for use of this aircraft at $13,816 per hour. It is unclear what percentage of the total cost would be covered by the reimbursable rate that the Air Force charges other federal agencies for the use of the aircraft.

The Democratic National Committee will reimburse the value of two first-class tickets for the two trips she made in between the two cities, according to a DNC spokesperson, although when asked by ABC News, they did not specify how much that would be.

The DNC spokesperson did tell ABC News what they will pay is in line with what they are supposed to by law at the “specified rate.”

The cost of a first-class ticket from Paris to Wilmington is $6,655, per a search on Google flights, which would suggest the DNC will pay $13,310 instead of the full $223,000. That leaves an outstanding balance of around $209,690 to be paid for out of taxpayer funds.

Dr. Biden has been in the courtroom for most of Hunter Biden’s trial, missing only one day to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy last Thursday. That night she flew back to Wilmington to be at her son’s trial on Friday. She flew back to Paris in time for a state visit on Saturday. President Joe Biden remained in France for the 80th anniversary commemoration.

The White House and the first lady’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

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