(WASHINGTON) — President Donald Trump said Monday morning that he would wait until “Friday or Saturday” to reveal his Supreme Court pick — out of deference to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“I think it’ll be on Friday or Saturday,” he told Fox and Friends in a long phone interview.

“And we want to pay respect. It looks like we will have probably services on Thursday, or Friday, as I understand it, and I think in all due respect we should we wait until the services are over for Justice Ginsburg,” he added.

Memorial service details for Ginsburg have not yet been announced.

Trump said his list of possible picks was down to ” four or five” women — and while he would not name who he was considering — he praised Judge Barbara Lagoa.

He did not dispute an anchor’s characterization of Lagoa as “a finalist” — and he brought up that she was a Latina woman from Florida, a political battleground where Trump’s trying to win more Latino support.

“She’s excellent, she’s Hispanic, she’s a terrific woman, from everything I know,” Trump said. “I don’t know her. Florida, we love Florida. So she’s got a lof of things — very smart.”

After saying he was down to five women and “it could be any one of them,” a minute later one of the anchors asked him, “Who’s the other two?”

“I’d rather not say, but they’re two fantastic people,” he replied. “I’m looking at five, probably four, but I’m looking at five very seriously. I’m going to make a decision on either Friday or Saturday. I will announce it either Friday or Saturday, and then the work begins.”

One person who’s “very qualified,” he said, was 38 years old.

“You like to go young, because they’re there for a long time,” he said.

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