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Prep Sports Weekly 9-19-19

@KRKOTraffic RT @wsdot_traffic: Mornin" traffic fam, how we livin? Happy Friday. Don"t forget, the Montlake Bridge closes for the weekend tonight at 10…
@KRKOTraffic RT @wsferries: Ana/SJs- Update: Tillikum First Round Trip Cancelled Next Interisland 8:25 a.m. https://t.co/nlNpJ5t82U
@KRKOTraffic RT @wsferries: Ana/SJs-Friday Harbor 6:10 a.m. Departure is Delayed 1/21 https://t.co/nlNpJ5t82U
@KRKOTraffic RT @wsdot_traffic: On I-5 southbound at NE 145th St there is a collision blocking the HOV lane.
@KRKOTraffic RT @wsdot_traffic: On the I-5 southbound off-ramp to SR 520 there is a collision partially blocking the ramp.
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@KRKOTraffic Traction tires are advised on US 2 Stevens Pass with compact snow and ice on the road. Snoq Pass has no restrictions this morning. Drive safely! @wsdot_passes @KIROTraffic @komonewsradio @TracyTTraffic https://t.co/2oYeuaSOd3
@KRKOTraffic RT @wsdot_traffic: On I-405 northbound just north of NE 124th St there is a disabled vehicle partially blocking the right lane.
@KRKOTraffic RT @wsdot_tacoma: Updated: Hood Canal Bridge open to vehicles on SR 104 at 10:01 AM