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Return to Play? Baby Steps!

@CedarcrestFB 5 Minutes of Life. How to find the studs in a wall and hang something. https://t.co/RJMmO82EVh
@CedarcrestFB The day is finally here. CHS at Oak Harbor. Booster Club rocks! https://t.co/Fym2ZBWCQ2
@CedarcrestFB Mom’s Gridiron. Rocking the entrance Go CHS Football. https://t.co/gKVZdXLyEe
@CedarcrestFB 5 Minutes of Life. How to succeed at a job interview. https://t.co/LxGxl1AWuY
@CedarcrestFB CHS 7, Burlington-Edison 35. The home atmosphere was electric. Thanks fans. https://t.co/SxFewq7Nwq
@CedarcrestFB CHS 12, Oak Harbor 28. Way to battle. Thanks Bianca Prohn for the amazing photos. https://t.co/Ipfw39i7eV
@CedarcrestFB Senior Final Hit. That is a wrap for double days. Congrats Seniors, you set the tone with your your hard work and leadership. https://t.co/8PaSh21zOY