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Prep Sports Weekly 2-20-20


Prep Sports Weekly 2-13-20

@EdmondsSchools The #2021CapitalLevy raises money to preserve our buildings by replacing old schools, repairing roofs, and even keeping the heat going in some cases. Our award-winning director of Capital Projects explains why these projects are vital for our students. https://t.co/yg8yz0nyPN
@EdmondsSchools RT @Supt_Balderas: Great to see our 3-6 grade students in our @EdmondsSchools Looking forward to having our secondary students back on our…
@EdmondsSchools Investing in school facilities ensures buildings last longer & provide for the community. Ballots should arrive soon and are due April 27! For more information: https://t.co/xRl9KyNlu5 https://t.co/GFtKFuxauC
@EdmondsSchools In our commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of our students, parents and staff, we are partnering with Care Solace to provide mental health & substance abuse help. The service is confidential and offers help finding a provider around-the-clock. https://t.co/6HC2oPFogc
@EdmondsSchools 🥘👩‍🍳School lunch menus are back and can be translated into 160 languages! You can also filter items by allergens and view nutrition information like carbohydrate counts. Just head to your school’s website and click on “Meals.” https://t.co/RJHjbcPNLc
@EdmondsSchools ¡Ha llegado nuestro programa de radio en español para los estudiantes de #Edmonds, por los estudiantes de Edmonds! Conéctate → https://t.co/VAyp3Fh7vP It"s Spanish radio for #Edmonds students, by Edmonds students! #TuneInhttps://t.co/VAyp3Fh7vP or use the app! https://t.co/25PjoSP8nZ
@EdmondsSchools The 🌞helped to welcome our 3-6 graders at our elementary schools today, and it was wonderful to see more faces on campus! Thank you for your patience & working hard to follow our health and safety guidelines, including filling out the daily digital health attestation forms. https://t.co/31FTZM3J34
@EdmondsSchools Ballots for the Edmonds School District #2021CapitalLevy will be in your mailbox soon. Whether it’s fixing a boiler, replacing an old school or investing in safety, security and accessibility, the money from the levy is crucial for student learning. https://t.co/SPlECmqCRE
@EdmondsSchools We asked some of our students to explain the #2021CapitalLevy and why it’s important. Nice work, kids!👍 https://t.co/LQiiKiXxq1
@EdmondsSchools #2021CapitalLevy ballots are in the mail! 📨Keep an eye on your mailbox for your ballots, and while you wait, learn why some of the levy funds will go to rebuilding Oak Heights Elementary. https://t.co/fFSjhfAkGW