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@FerndaleSD_WA Weekly Ferndale Schools Bond Update #140 (1/21/2022) - https://t.co/EoCZ2unczr
@FerndaleSD_WA Weekly Ferndale Schools Bond Update #139 (1/14/2022) - https://t.co/jNlo88LeO4
@FerndaleSD_WA Weekly Ferndale Schools Bond Update #138 (1/7/2022) - https://t.co/qHIWF7kn55
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@FerndaleSD_WA Why do districts like ours rely on voter-approved school levies? K-12 education is not fully funded by the state, so districts like ours rely on levies to bridge the gap. For example, the levy funds 86% of school nurses in our district. Learn the details: https://t.co/py7vo4Rwkm https://t.co/WtgPXusjxz
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@FerndaleSD_WA All Ferndale schools are on a 2 hour delay today, Wednesday, January 5th. No out-of-district transportation. All athletics and after-school activities are cancelled. https://t.co/GniiODPxyi
@FerndaleSD_WA Here"s a quick video with some information about the upcoming replacement schools levy. For more detailed facts, visit our website at https://t.co/py7vo4Rwkm. And remember: ballots for the Feb. 8 special election are being mailed today! https://t.co/1ECpbBq5Yd
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@FerndaleSD_WA Are you registered to vote at your current address? Check your registration status and make sure you are ready for the February 8 election at https://t.co/EohsSqjnBU https://t.co/jSKLhlZNGb
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@FerndaleSD_WA All schools will be closed today, Friday, Jan. 7. As snow melts, conditions begin to improve for most bus routes. However, we cannot yet fully guarantee safe walking conditions for students who walk. We believe this is the best decision for the safety of all students & staff. https://t.co/CZyvf1ZgEN
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@FerndaleSD_WA All Ferndale schools will be closed Thursday, January 6 due to snow. All extra-curricular activities are canceled. https://t.co/CDjL3PW7x4
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@FerndaleSD_WA What"s on the February 8 ballot for Ferndale School District? Prop. 1 renews the School Programs and Operations levy that funds academic programs, technology, student opportunities and additional school staff to support our students. Learn more here: https://t.co/XbkCQGXLaM https://t.co/esv3XsnPar