The Battle for the “Dick Armstrong Cup” between the Glacier Peak Grizzlies and the Snohomish Panthers. Friday, September 13, 2019 at Veterans Memorial
Stadium in Snohomish. Tom Lafferty, Steve Willits and former Jackson head coach Joel Vincent on the call. Stay tuned at the end of the broadcast for
The Roundtable, and a special telephone appearance by the Lake Stevens Vikings Offensive Line on the bus returning from Tacoma.

Jack Johnson, senior linebacker for Glacier Peak was our Allstate Insurance Good Hands Player of the Game, presented by Allstate Insurance Agent Brian
Reed. Here he is being interviewed on the field by KRKO’s Steve Willits.

Jack Johnson of Glacier Peak High School. Please note: Neither KRKO Radio or Brian Reed Insurance received any compensation from the Mars Candy Company
LLC for the product placement of that package of Skittles!