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@Coach_Teeter Week 10 picks I was 9-5. Now 97-45 on the season. Week 11 picks are in the picture below. Go HAWKS!!!
@Coach_Teeter WIAA Director, Mick Hoffman: “2-Minute Drill: Advocating a Return to Activities” on #Vimeo Thank you Mick for such a clear message supporting our student-athletes! The studies and science show little to no covid spread through sports! #MaskUp #Safe2Play
@Coach_Teeter @bouwks There are many reasons that I can’t fit into 140 characters or less. Check your messages for a longer response. I will say that I am a huge advocate for returning kids to play & have spent many hours trying to find a way. An “anti-mask” approach will NOT help. #MaskUp #Safe2Play
@Coach_Teeter Last spring, 3 days before a baseball jamboree, our season was shut down. In July, football season was moved to a Feb. start. Today it was announced that football has been moved to March. We all need to #MaskUp so that it is #Safe2Play all of our sports in 2021. I"ll do my part.
@Coach_Teeter WIAA @wiaawa pushes all sports back, moving season 2 to Feb and shortens all seasons to 7 weeks. See the full schedule here:
@Coach_Teeter @dweber34 I hope you’re right Dave, but the sport of football specifically has been in the crosshairs of some politicians for a while.
@Coach_Teeter @CoachFore No doubt about it! Old school I formation fullback. 😂
@Coach_Teeter Hundreds of coaches from many sports have joined to form the West Coast Coaches Alliance for WA/OR/CA to support a return to play for the student-athletes in our states. Please read their statement and support our youth. #MaskUp #Safe2Play @GovInslee @OregonGovBrown @GavinNewsom
@Coach_Teeter This is a great point Coach Keck. If schools are not permitted to play sports, and community groups are, then people will leave HS programs and play with programs that do not have much or any oversight and may not follow safety protocols. Will be less safe and could end HS sports
@Coach_Teeter Changes to WIAA seasons appear ready to be announced tomorrow after the WIAA Executive Board meeting today...