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Return to Play? Baby Steps!

@Coach_Teeter Congratulations on a tremendous career, Coach! Much respect for you and how you ran your program and helped make boys into young men.
@Coach_Teeter @erinjonesin2016 some of the feedback from students: you are very passionate; appreciated your fresh approach to MLK & that he’s an American hero, not just a black hero; welcoming demeanor; looked like 29-30 years old…NOT 50! 😊 Thanks again, Erin!
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@Coach_Teeter @ElmoPenland somehow I can’t help but notice the connection between you creating your Twitter page and Elmo trending on Twitter for his beef about Rocco…
@Coach_Teeter @haagsolutions Very cool. I never got to coach against you but I know the schools used to play each other. You must have worked for Coach Rood
@Coach_Teeter I’ve been waiting on an important package that has been “delayed” for 4 days past it’s supposed arrival date. Discovered this article while looking at what might have happened to my package. This is crazy!
@Coach_Teeter @erinjonesin2016 thanks for making a video to share with the students and staff of Lakewood. Looking forward to having some great discussions about your insights today.
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@Coach_Teeter Lakewood is on a 2 hour late arrival day today. This means that morning weights are also cancelled.
@Coach_Teeter Haven"t seen a coaching announcement quite like this. Love the energy, and I"m sure the players will love it too. Welcome to the beautiful state of Washington, @CoachAtuaia & family Go COUGS!!!
@Coach_Teeter @haagsolutions Where did you coach? Any time since 2006?