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@Coach_Teeter Listen-Learn-Love-Lead, series conclusion. Dan brings back his 1st guest, Leon Jackson for an update on past 2 months and shares some of his thoughts and what he learned in this amazing experience of interviewing 27 people about race: #LoveYourNeighbor
@Coach_Teeter Week 2 NFL predictions. (I was 11-5 in week 1) Go HAWKS!!!
@Coach_Teeter RT @NFL345: In today"s win, @Seahawks QB Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson) completed 31 of 35 passes for an 88.6 completion percentage, tie…
@Coach_Teeter @Gerritglances Definitely could see that happening.
@Coach_Teeter Really enjoyed watching the Seahawks today. They looked great! It was also GREAT to see a football team from the state of Washington safely play the game. I can’t wait to get the opportunity to get back out their with my own team. #GoHawks #GoCougs
@Coach_Teeter @KimMcnurlin @GodsTeapot @KarlMar05384385 @JoeBiden Pierce & Thurston aren’t people... those are the names of the Washington state COUNTIES that they were arrested in. Look just below the red square on the left side of this map
@Coach_Teeter @cullencantwell @JTraylormusic I think mimes can be a little creepy, but I don"t have any phobias or strange stories about them. Just not usually my kind of art/entertainment. I know some people are seriously freaked out by them though! (-: