Prep Sports Weekly, Thursday, February 6, 2020. We meet our Russell & Hill Male and Female Student Athletes of the Month: Alex Jensen of the Lakewood
Cougars Boys Basketball team (he’s joined by head coach Anthony Wiederkehr) and Maya Erling of the Glacier Peak Grizzlies Girls Basketball team (she’s
joined by teammates Shaylin Sande, Aaliyah Collins, Madison Rubino and head coach Brian Hill). Then we catch-up with the Meadowdale Mavericks Girls
Basketball team: Alicia Morrison, Kaisha Stark, Lilly Williams, Soriah Swinton and Fatoumata Jaiteh.

Glacier Peak Girls Basketball: (L-R) Shaylin Sande, Aaliyah Collins, Maya Erling & Madison Rubino. (Maya is our January recipient of the KRKO Russell
& Hill Female Athlete of the Month Award)

Our KRKO Russell & Hill Male Athlete of the Month for January 2020 is Alex Jensen of the Lakewood Boys Basketball team.

Meadowdale Mavericks Girls Basketball: (L-R) Kaisha Stark, Alicia Morrison, Lilly Williams, Fatoumata Jaiteh & Soriah Swinton.

Wesco Girls Basketball: (Top Row L-R) Shaylin Sande (GP), Lilly Williams (Mea), Aaliyah Collins (GP), Fatoumata Jaiteh (Mea), Madison Rubino (GP). (Bottom
Row L-R) Alicia Morrison (Mea), Maya Erling (GP), Kaisha Stark (Mea), Soriah Swinton (Mea).