Prep Sports Weekly, Thursday, April 2, 2020. We continue our social distancing theme with our Russell & Hill Female Athlete of the Month for March,
Arlington Girls Basketball player Hailey Hyatt, along with her head coach Joe Marsh. Then we talk with a couple of Everett Silvertips hockey players
Wyatte Wylie (Philadelphia Flyers draftee) and Dustin Wolf (Calgary Flames draftee). Finally, a visit with Meadowdale Mavericks Softball Coach Dennis
Hopkins and pitcher Kate Houghton.

Arlington Girls Basketball: Hailey Hyatt

Arlington Girls Basketball Head Coach Joe Marsh

Everett Silvertips Defenseman Wyatte Wylie (Philadelphia Flyers draftee)

Everett Silvertips Goalkeeper Dustin Wolf (Calgary Flames draftee)

Meadowdale Mavericks Softball Coach Dennis Hopkins

Meadowdale Mavericks Softball Pitcher Kate Houghton