Prep Sports Weekly Podcast 4/22/24


Prep Sports Weekly for Monday, April 22, 2024. We spend two segments with Jackson Softball, including head coach Kyle Peacocke with his two retiring assistant coaches Ken Hudson and Julie Iverson; then with players, and captains, Hailey Pelletier, Yanina Sherwood and Leneyah Mitchell. Finally, a visit with Arlington Eagles head baseball coach Scott Striegle.

Jackson Softball Coaches: (L-R) Julie Iverson, Kyle Peacocke, Ken Hudson
Jackson Softball Players: (L-R) Hailey Pelletier,Yanina Sherwood, Leneyah Mitchell
Arlington Eagles Baseball: (L-R) #7 Ty Rusko, Head Coach Scott Striegle, #12 Cooper McBride, plus Kazen (7) and Huston (5)