Prep Sports Weekly for May 3, 2021 featured a local national champion as we  had the opportunity to introduce E-Sports to the show.  Lacrosse and  golf interviews were also covered.

Glacier Peak Boys Lacrosse was the topic of choice for the opening segment.   Grizzlies Head Coach Michael Rexrode and players Ryan Black and Daxton  Jensen were on together to talk about their lacrosse backgrounds and  teammates.  The guys then ran off to an evening practice session at  which point Daxton’s father, Glacier Peak Lacrosse Club Athlete Director  Ryan Jensen talked about the growth of the sport in Snohomish County  and how kids of all ages and become involved.

We  then focused our attention on the world of E-Sports, as on-line video  games are becoming more popular than ever.  Lake Stevens junior student  Jair Velazquez recently won the Madden 21 National Championship, winning  a trophy and a medal for himself and a $1000 for the high school.  Jair  and LSHS E-Sports Advisor/English Teach Trevor Wood joined us to talk  about Jair’s success and the ever-changing world of E-Sports and the  impact at the high school level.

Everett  Golfer Ronny Kildall and Head Coach Darrell Olson were on during the  final segment to talk about Ronny’s golf and basketball accomplishments  for the Seagulls and what is has meant for both of them to have a golf  season in 2021.

Glacier Peak Lacrosse Head Coach Michael Rexrode.



Glacier Peak Lacrosse Player Ryan Black. Black was recently named the Everett Herald Football Player of the Year.



Glacier Peak Lacrosse Club Athletic Director Ryan Jensen and his son Daxton Jensen, the Captain of the Glacier Peak High School Lacrosse Team.


Lake Stevens junior student Jair Velazquez. Velazquez recently won the Madden 21 National Championship.



Lake Stevens E-Sports Advisor Trevor Wood.



Everett Boys Golf Coach Darrell Olson and Golfer Ronny Kildall