Alaska Airlines is the primary air carrier at Everett’s Paine Field. In the coming days, their flight schedule will make a number of significant adjustments.

The big one is dropping daily departures to Boise and Spokane. Alaska Air spokesperson Ray Lane noted that these flights frequently were not full of passengers. There are no plans to resume flights to these destinations. Flights to Boise and Spokane remain in place from SeaTac Airport.

Seasonal flight changes are on tap as well. The last daily flight to Tucson will be on Monday March 13th, and will resume October 5th. Daily flights to Palm Springs will come to an end in mid-April and return on September 6th.

On the flip side, flights to Los Angeles (LAX) will begin again on April 18th.

By the middle of April, flights in and out of Paine Field on Alaska Airlines will include Los Angeles (both LAX and Orange County), San Francisco (4 to 5 flights a day), San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Anchorage. Daily flights to Anchorage began on November 30th.

The other air carrier serving Paine Field is Kenmore Air, with four daily flights to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island and Eastsound on Orcas Island. Each roundtrip flight departs Paine Field with the first stop at Friday Harbor, followed by Eastsound before returning to Paine Field. Kenmore Air uses their nine-passenger Cessna Caravan aircraft.

The flight to Friday Harbor takes about 25 minutes, far more efficient than the time involved with driving to the San Juans ferry terminal at Anacortes and taking the usually crowded ferries to San Juan Island destinations. The hop to Eastsound from Friday Harbor takes about 10 minutes. This service is intended to provide visitors and residents a convenient and reliable connection. Kenmore Air also offers San Juan Islands service from Lake Union and Boeing Field in Seattle.

United Airlines had service out of Paine Field when commercial flights began in the spring of 2019, but ended in October of 2021.

Taking flights out of Paine Field is far easier than at SeaTac Airport. The security line is quite short in comparison, frequent bus service across the street from the terminal is very convenient, and parking is readably available at a reasonable price. The terminal began operations in 2019 and has many modern and handy services.