Clearview recently held their latest town hall at the View Church along Highway 9. About 100 local residents attended, asking a variety of questions to federal, state, county and local officials.

Those officials included State Representatives April Berg and Brandy Donaghy, Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers, County Councilmember Jared Mead, Sheriff Adam Fortney, and County Planning and Development Director Make McCrary. Representatives from both U.S. Senator Patti Murray and Maria Cantwell’s offices attended. Several other local agency representatives were present including WSDOT and Snohomish County Public Works.

The two-hour town hall permitted local residents to ask a spectrum of questions. One good example was how and where the urban growth boundary is planned to change. Clearview residents enjoy a rural setting and want it to remain that way. Questions were raised about the construction of a multi-family project under construction at the corner of Highway 9 and Cathcart Way that happens to be right on the edge of the urban-growth boundary.

Another growth issue concerned enough schools. County Executive Dave Somers said, “No decision has been made on where that (urban-growth) line will go. A new comprehensive plan will take place in 2024.” Councilman Mead added, “The plan has not been decided yet and that conversation will take place next year. South Snohomish County is the fastest growing area in the state and the county is one of the fastest growing in the nation. We feel those growing pains and it’s happening in the south part of the county.”

Another key issue was traffic. Residents were greatly concerned about the traffic volumes and backups along Highway 9 as well as the Hewitt Ave. Trestle, and wanted to know what plans lie ahead to fund and move forward on addressing these busy corridors.

WSDOT Engineering Manager Hung Huynh noted there is funding for an additional State Route 9 bridge over the Snohomish River with construction planned to start in 2025. This project will be part of an additional SR 9 expansion to four lanes along the entire corridor from Maltby to Snohomish. State Representative Brandy Donaghy who is Vice Chair of the House Transportation Committee said, “My goal is to make sure we have more than what we need,” when it comes to enough funding to complete these projects. The Hewitt Ave. Trestle is among those projects.

Another key discussion topic was crime and the Fentanyl crisis. Sheriff Fortney addressed these issues and noted his department is working with other law enforcement agencies to start a violent crime unit. County Executive Somers noted the county already has purchased two former hotels that will add 120 beds to help get more people off the streets. The hotels in Everett and Lynnwood are going through building modifications after meth contamination was discoverd.

Clearview Community Association Board President Kevin Sarbora noted the association hopes to hold six to eight community meetings a year leading into the 2024 election. Sarbora said, “We want to be a place where folks can talk to the government.”

County Executive Somers noted Clearview is about the only community in the county that holds such town halls with all these elected and government officials. “Getting this many people out in public is fantastic”, he highlighted.