Good.  Go out and crab.  We luckily live in the some of the greatest crabbing waters in the country.  Go North Sound. However, to continue to enjoy this wondrous bounty, we must help protect our species.  Most folks here are enamored with Dungeness crab, but there are quite a few more that warrant attention. For a full list to identify the types, please see

You do not always need a boat and crab pots to harvest your own.  What you do need is knowledge.  Identify what you are taking.  ALL softshell crabs are off limit.  There are other hard-shell crab varieties that can be found under rocks and in tide waters. Smaller, but yummy. For people with crab pots, please visit

Every year an estimated 12,000 crab pots and 180,00 Dungeness crabs are lost to many factors, including but not limited to: setting pots and not retrieving them, not marking them adequately so they can be found, placing them in ferry or high traffic lanes, losing them to tides (check your charts).  PLEASE, if you are a recreational crabber visit the website above for more information on how to safely harvest this great natural resource.