Most everyone is familiar with this great international organization. Their mission is for every human being to have a safe place to live with their families.  This varies in different parts of the world.  Here in the US, and specifically Snohomish County, it involves volunteer efforts and donations to build housing for families.  This is accomplished through cash donations, but most importantly with the time and efforts of the community at large, who donate their time and skills to build and create housing for those most in need.

Traditionally, there has been an annual fundraiser breakfast, but due to the unprecedented times we are living in, this will be a virtual event on October 16, 2020.  Go to: www.habitatsnohomish.org/raisetheroof to participate. No RSVP is needed.  Their fundraising goal is $40,000, so every amount large or small is appreciated.

The organization has built 28 homes in Snohomish County since its founding and is currently working toward building a 24-unit multi-family neighborhood at Twin Creeks Village, in Everett.

To donate time, effort, or financial resources, please go to the link above.