SNOHOMISH – Lacie Marsh-Carroll, founder and CEO of Malicious Women Co. a women-owned business in Snohomish has spent the past five years handcrafting sassy home, beauty, and cosmetic products.

Samatha (far left) Cari (second from left) and Lacie (far right) smiling and holding their limited edition candle in front of their fundraiser goal with candle proceeds helping the women and children in Ukraine.

The only thing she loves more than empowering women is giving back and spreading awareness on various issues. “The mission has always been to give back, we still donate a portion of every single candle to the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. That’s my way of keeping Laura’s memory alive,” says Marsh-Carroll. 

The Maliciously confident CEO started the company in her kitchen back in 2017 while grieving the loss of her best friend Laura and battling with numerous family issues. Around the same time as her friend’s passing, her father was placed in a coma, her sister was hit by a truck and broke nearly every bone in her body, and her daughter, who was active-duty Navy was in the hospital. “Everything was too much at this point. My whole life changed in a matter of two months,” said Marsh-Carroll. 

Now, with the crisis going on in Ukraine, Marsh-Carroll has put forth a fundraiser for the company “Save The Children International” (STCI) to raise money for the children and mothers affected by the war in Ukraine. According to the Save the Children website, they provide emergency aid in natural disasters, war, and other conflicts. 

“None of us here can just sit by and do nothing, complaining about gas prices,” says Marsh-Carroll. “As a mom, I tried to put myself in their shoes, which I couldn’t. I tried to imagine seeing my child get a blanket, it’s just so heartbreaking.”

The basic idea behind the fundraiser was to create a limited edition candle on custom labels and donate $10 from each purchase to STCI. Since its launch on Tuesday, Mar. 15 they have sold 613 candles totaling over $6,000 of their $10,000 goal. The candle is called,  “Fill Your Pockets With Seeds” and is infused with “Ukraine Support” with the scent, “World Peace.”

According to Marsh-Carroll, $50 can provide 10 blankets, $100 helps supply a month’s worth of nutritious food for a family, and $175 can provide five families with emergency shelter materials. 

The locally owned Snohomish business has no plans of stopping once the goal is met “We will keep moving that goal.”

Long before she owned her candle empire, Marsh-Carroll was struggling to cope with her friend Laura’s passing. In hopes of finding a way to cope with her situation, she decided to try and find a new hobby. As a result, she chose to learn how to make candles with the goal of making and lighting a candle to honor her beloved friend Laura. 

Making the candle ignited her passion and she began spending every waking moment learning how to pour candles, blend the scents and test the final product. Hundreds of candles later, she decided to host a “shit show” with her friends. 

“I invited my girlfriends over to drink, eat, crate drunken crafts, and to talk about all the shit we had going on in our lives,” said Marsh-Carroll. She decided to gift each of her friends a candle she called, “Shit Show” that was scented with Vanilla and chaos. Needless to say, her friends loved them and encouraged her to sell them on Facebook.

Fast forward five years and Marsh-Carroll now employs 27 Snohomish residents and can produce over 3,600 candles a day. 

“I started an accidental candle company, I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined that the concept of taking your feelings, your emotions, what we are going through, and putting it on a candle would resonate with so many people, but it has.”

If you’d like to purchase a candle in support of STCI’s cause you can order it online or at their store located at 920 1st Street in Snohomish.