Marysville Firefighters rescue 12-year-old boy from well


A 12-year-old boy is expected to be ok after firefighters rescued him from a well on Tuesday afternoon. Firefighters responded to call for help just after 12:20 p.m. at 4200 88 Street, Marysville. The boy reported he was standing on the concrete lid of the well during recess when the concrete partially collapsed, sending him down into the well.

Firefighters arrived to find the boy holding onto a plastic pipe about 20 feet down into the well. He was partially submerged in water and unable to touch the bottom. The boy had a couple of lacerations on his head, but was conscious and able to follow commands. Firefighters lowered a helmet and life vest that the boy wore as rescuers worked to get him out. They also monitored the air quality in the well.

Firefighters worked delicately to remove the remaining concrete portion of the well cover, connected to chains at the top of the well that were starting to crumble. Firefighters also constructed a rope system to pull the boy out, but ended up not needing it. As soon as firefighters safely removed the remaining concrete, they were able to lower a ladder to the boy who climbed out on his own. Firefighters transported the boy in stable condition to Providence Regional Medical Center for evaluation.

“It was inspiring to see the quiet, effective, methodical work of each individual working towards the objective,” Fire Chief Ned Vander Pol said. “It was a clear visual display of competent professional firefighters doing the work for which they have trained.”