Marysville School District Budget Cuts

Voters in Marysville voted down two school district four-year educational and operations levies earlier this year – in February and again in April. As a result, the Marysville School District Board of Directors met earlier this month to determine how to reduce their spending by $13.5 million heading into the 2022-23 school budget year.

The bulk of the district’s budget, over 80%, involves full-time employees. With a deadline of May 12th for reduction in force notifications for certified staff, 35 teachers received layoff notices earlier this week, spread out from elementary to the high school level. These teachers involved those with less than 5 years of experience and a total of 5 percent of all teachers.

With an early June deadline, other budget cuts are being examined by the board including school resource officers, staff in administration, maintenance staff, bus routes and athletic programs. A hiring freeze is now in place.

The board and district superintendent all agree these are tough decisions and doing what can be done to minimize the impact on students. School director Wade Rinehardt said, “The goal is to make sure the education we provide for the kids is the best possible, working with what we got.”

Students will likely see class sizes rise from about 25 to a bit over 30. After school programs like sports may not survive, and reaching bus stops may involve longer walks. The next School District Board of Directors work session on the budget is 4 PM Monday, May 16th at Cedarcrest Middle School, 6400 88th St NE, in Marysville. The public can attend.

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