PUD Increases Security at its Facilities

Everett, WA – In a move to protect its electrical system, employees and customers, Snohomish County PUD has increased the level of security patrols at
its operations center, administrative offices and substations. The increased security comes amid more stringent requirements by federal energy regulators.

PUD customers will see more patrols at the utility’s substations and at its facilities. Monitoring cameras at substations provide additional surveillance.
The utility also has equipped many of its substations with stronger wire mesh fencing to prevent vandalism and theft.

Wire theft has been a persistent problem for utilities throughout the United States over the past several years. The PUD now uses a hybrid copper-steel
material throughout its operations to make materials worthless to thieves for resale. Electrical facilities can be dangerous, even deadly. Every year,
throughout the country, numerous criminals attempting to steal utility wire and other infrastructure are electrocuted when they come into contact with
high voltage equipment.

If you see suspicious activity near PUD substations or other facilities, please call the utility’s security office at 425-783-8787. If it is a life-threatening
situation call 911.